About Us

Welcome one and all to our on-line shop, where you can buy the products that are available at our retail shop in the lovely town of George, in the Western Cape.

To the uninitiated, Mead is a wine produced from honey. For our Traditional Mead, all we use is honey, yeast and water. Our beers are made similarly, except for using beer yeast and hops. Our honey beer is still classified as Mead, but it is carbonated, and the brew time is not as long as for the traditional mead.

Our company, called CAPE MEAD, was started back in 2013. Since then, we have made many different types of mead, and melomels (which is a mead which contains fruit or fruit juice) also introducing to South Africa, honey beers. On our journey, we discovered not all honey is good to make alcohol with, so we take great care in our production.

We are always busy with new flavours and products. All of which will be available here at the Red Viking.

If alcohol is not your thing, take a look at all of our other honey products that you may buy from our on-line shop!